Greetings warriors and the like! My name is Travis Brown and I am a Marine from southwest Missouri. After returning home from the Marine Corps something very unexpected happened to me that I will never forget. I was struck with a gradual but strong sense of hyper alertness and an uncontrollable mental breakdown. Swiftly I was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with schizophrenia and PTSD, and I was informed I would need medication for the rest of my life. Later on though I discovered that all that I needed was inside of me and made a conscious decision to change my attitude and entire being. I no longer take medication, am a straight A student in college, work as a tutor, and will be getting married soon. I started A Warrior’s Six because I found that I was not the only warrior to have these types of problems returning home and wish to be a light of encouragement for the veteran community. At A Warrior’s Six we inspire and empower veterans to reach their upmost potential with a periodic text message of encouragement. We are not counselor’s but rather fellow warriors looking out for each other. Welcome to the family and remember, we believe in YOU!